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Have a general question or need assistance? Please contact CHFA by phone at 800.877.2432 (chfa) or email

tenant resident concerns
If you are a resident of a rent-restricted, multifamily property overseen by CHFA, and are seeking housing assistance, or have an issue to report, please visit our resident assistance and resources page or call the Tenant Hotline at 303.297.7442.

submit a complaint
Note: If you are resident of a rent-restricted multifamily property, please use the Tenant Hotline referenced above.

CHFA is committed to building and supporting an organization that demonstrates honesty, integrity, ethics, and best practices. If you wish to file a complaint or report an issue or concern, please
click here.

CHFA partners with Lighthouse Services, Inc. to provide all of our customers and the general public with access to an independent ethics and compliance hotline for reporting any possible concerns. The purpose of this service is to ensure that any party wishing to submit a report can do so, and may do so anonymously, and without fear of retaliation.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​denver off​ice​​​​​​ western​​ sl​​​​ope​ office​
1981 Blake Street
Denver, CO 80202

303.297.chfa (2432)
800.877.chfa (2432)​​
800.659.2656 Relay (Hearing Impaired) TDD
800.659.3656 Relay (Hearing Impaired) Voice​
348 Main Street
Grand Junction, CO 81501​​

970.241.9422 (fax)

​CHFA Division Contact Information

​​​Asset Management ​303.297.7489
Community Development Lending ​303.297.2432
Financial Accounting ​303.297.7436​
Home Finance ​303.297.7376
Human Resources ​303.297.7338
Information Technology ​303.297.7409
Internal Audit ​303.297.7319
Investor Relations ​303.297.7397
Legal ​303.297.7314
Marketing and Community Relations​​​ ​303.297.7427​​
Research and Strategy ​303.297.7371​

loan servicing contact information 

For single family/h​​ome mortgage customers  ​855.587.8655 
​For multifamily and business loan customers ​800.877.2432 ​

fax numbers

​Ass​​et Management  ​303.297.0911 
​General  ​303.297.2615
​Home Finance ​ 303.297.0947 or 303.295.6575
Human Resources​ 303.297.0570
​Finance 303.294.9773
​Legal ​303.291.5712
​Single Family Loan Servicing ​847.574.7659​

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