board of directors

​​CHFA is governed by an 11-member Board of Directors consisting of:
  • the State Auditor;
  • a member of the Governor’s Cabinet;
  • a member of the Colorado General Assembly; and
  • eight members appointed to four-year terms by the Governor and confirmed by the State Senate. ​​​

 Board Members

  • Max Tyler

    Board Chair

    term expires 07.01.2023  

  • Julie Brewen

    Board Chair Pro Tem

    CEO, Fort Collins Housing Authority
    term expires 07.01.2023  

  • Amber Hills


    President, FirstBank, Lakewood
    term expires 07.01.2021  

  • Steven Hutt

    Board Member

    Executive Director, Denver Employee Retirement Plan
    term expires 07.01.2021  

  • Jody Kole

    Board Member

    Chief Executive Officer, Grand Junction Housing Authority
    term expires 07.01.2021  

  • Jenn Lopez

    Board Member

    President, Project Moxie
    term expires 07.01.2021  

  • Dianne Ray

    Board Member

    Colorado State Auditor
    Current State Auditor is a standing member  

  • KC Becker

    Board Member

    Colorado Speaker of the House

  • Rick Garcia

    Board Member

    Director, Department of Local Affairs
    Serves at the pleasure of the Governor  

  • Michelle Miles

    Board Member

    Mayor Pro Tem, Trinidad, Colorado
    term expires 07.01.2023  

  • Paul Washington

    Board Member

    Market Director, Jones Lang LaSalle, Inc.
    term expires 07.01.2021  

​2019 CHFA Board Meeting Dates

​January ​Thursday, January 24 January Board Meeting Agenda
​February ​Thursday, February 28 February Board Meeting Agenda
​March​ ​Thursday, March 28 March Board Meeting Agenda
​April ​Thursday, April 25 April Board Meeting Agenda 
​May ​Thursday, May 23 May Board Meeting Agenda
​June ​Thursday, June 27 June Board Meeting Agenda
​July ​Thursday, July 25 July Board Meeting Agenda
​August Thursday, August 22 August Board Meeting Agenda
​September Board Meeting and Workshop
Thursday, September 26 and 
Friday, September 27
September Board Meeting Agenda
September Board Meeting Workshop Agenda
​October ​Thursday, October 24 October Board Meeting Agenda
​November ​​Thursday, November 21  November Board Meeting Agenda
​Thursday, December 19
December Board Meeting Agenda

​2020 CHFA Board Meeting Dates

​January ​Thursday, January 23
​February ​Thursday, February 27
​March​ ​Thursday, March 26
​April ​Thursday, April 23
​May ​Thursday, May 28
​June ​Thursday, June 25
​July ​Thursday, July 23
​August Thursday, August 27
​September Board Meeting and Workshop
Thursday, September 24 and 
Friday, September 25

​October ​Thursday, October 22
​November ​​Thursday, November 19

​Thursday, December 17