HPI - Onsite Professionals

onsite professionals certificate (select up to four of the five sessions)

Who should attend: those who are working in, developing, or managing affordable housing, or those who want to broaden their understanding of aspects of the industry

Whether you are new to the industry or preparing for promotion, smooth your path forward with the Onsite Professionals Certificate class series. Classes in this certificate provide context for those working in affordable housing. There are some standards that every employee in multifamily housing should uphold. And while each team member brings specific skills, targeted cross-training and communication can set up your onsite team for high performance. Here you’ll find help deciphering industry terminology and funding sources, understanding professional standards, and communicating well with your team and clients.

Overview of Affordable Housing Funding Sources and Uses

Who should attend: those who are new to working in, developing, or managing affordable housing, or those who want to broaden their understanding of aspects of the industry

Individuals currently working in the affordable housing industry may lack awareness of its overall breadth and complexity. This session will provide an overview of the various funding mechanisms in affordable housing, their functionalities, and how they fit together. Supplemental resources will be provided to assist with acronyms and jargon. Appropriate contacts, such as the lead agencies for specific programs and funding, will be on hand or listed for detailed follow up or additional training.

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    • November 8, 2019, 9:00am to 4:00pm - Registration coming soon.

Representing Yourself and Your organization

Who should attend: all staff, especially those who are new to a professional environment and/or looking to move into management

This training provides useful onboarding and/or ongoing professional development, establishing a standard understanding of proper workplace etiquette. The discussion will include topics covering harassment (between and among staff and residents), appropriate communication (spoken, written, and social media), boundaries, social events, and travel. Additionally, time will be spent reviewing the principles of Fair Housing as they apply specifically to multifamily housing employees.

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Client Communications: building cooperation, decreasing and de-escalating conflict

Who should attend: all onsite staff and others with client interactions

This session will teach critical philosophies and skills underlying effective client communication and conflict de-escalation. Discussion topics will include: dealing with difficult people, trauma-informed practices, and safety. All staff members can promote resident success through their understanding and use of these principles.

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effective property teams

Who should attend: all onsite team members

This session will focus on generating strategies to promote communication and teamwork onsite. Participants will identify how their roles intersect, support, or possibly thwart another’s effectiveness.

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Critical Maintenance Knowledge for Front Office Staff

Who should attend: all onsite team members

Communication and teamwork are critical to the efficient and smooth operations of any company. When it comes to property maintenance, these qualities have a big impact on good customer relations - specifically, in the correct and timely completion of residents' requested service. This happens most effectively when the person taking and entering service request information has an understanding of maintenance needs. Join us to learn how the office team member is vital to making proactive Comprehensive Maintenance possible.

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    • August 9, 2019, 1:00pm to 4:00pm