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management certificate (select up to four of the six sessions)

For those on a management track, the Management class series provides the fundamentals of managing transition between roles, making the most of one’s own and others’ talents.

Career Path to Manager

Who should attend: anyone in or seeking management roles, from entry level to supervisor

This session will help prospective and existing managers to understand the complexity of a management role. Participants will gain understanding of the qualities they must demonstrate to attain and maintain effective leadership.

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Managing yourself, managing others: The Psychology of Change

Who should attend: all staff, especially those promoting from a staff level to supervisor

Change can have a major effect on people – whether it be a new career, leasing up into a new home, or simply aging. This class will discuss the stages of change and provide skills for navigating changes while assisting others who may also be experiencing major transitions.

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Supervision and Coaching

Who should attend: anyone seeking a management role

This session will focus on tools to coach members of your team. Often supervisors must have difficult conversations about performance and behaviors. Handling these conversations with confidence is a sign of a true leader. With practice and training, these conversations will become easier and more effective. Additionally, we will discuss and demonstrate several communication and leadership tools that will help the overall functionality of your team.

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Leverage your Leadership Style

Who should attend: anyone seeking a management role

Being in a leadership role teaches as much about oneself as it does about those you are leading. Discovering and accepting your style is critical for leading an effective team. In this session, we will examine various styles of leadership and the ways in which they interact with one another. This can help you to take responsibility for all aspects of your work-collaborating with those above you- as well as those you oversee.

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managing teams

Who should attend: anyone seeking a management role

Setting the context for exemplary team performance is an important role for a leader. In this session, we will explore a customized process to develop and enhance team skills. Topics include team effectiveness, resolving conflict, and problem solving. A case study will demonstrate the power of "raising the bar." Implement these tools immediately to achieve maximum team effectiveness and results.

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Diversity and Inclusion: Appreciating Differences

Who should attend: all staff, especially those with internal and external interactions

At CHFA, we value diversity and define it as appreciating the similarities and differences among our employees, customers, and partners. CHFA’s Human Resource Director Debbie Herrera will lead a discussion on Appreciating Differences. This class will focus on the different dimensions of diversity, potential biases, and what it means to appreciate the differences among us.

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