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  January 27, 2015

make your new year’s resolution to go smoke-free!

Join us for a pair of webinars being offered by chfareach in February

  • February 4: Think through the implications of your current policies in “Advanced Fair Housing: Smoke-free, Weed-free?”

  • February 12: Are you getting ready for—or in the midst of—implementing new policies? Attend the “Going Smoke-free” webinar.
Our presenter represents the Denver Public Health Tobacco Chronic Disease Prevention Team, which provides a wide range of services for housing providers, including:
  • Survey design for residents
  • Technical assistance with smoke-free policy development
  • Educational sessions for staff and/or residents
  • Cessation services for staff and/or residents
For more information on how you can utilize these free resources, please contact Teddy Montoya at 303.602.3684 or DPH.TobaccoTeam@dhha.org.

Pick up a copy of the “Colorado Guide to Establishing No-Smoking Policies in Multi-unit Housing”

CHFA has joined with DOLA, Housing Colorado, and Rocky AHMA to endorse the “Colorado Guide to Establishing No-Smoking Policies in Multi-unit Housing.” Published by the Group to Alleviate Smoking Pollution (GASP of Colorado), this free 12-page booklet is designed to give housing providers and managers a variety of resources to reduce smoking-related cleanup expenses and maintain a healthy living environment for residents and staff.

If you are interested in learning more about the economic benefits, implementation tips, and compliance techniques for a smoke free environment, you may order the guide at ordertheguide.org or by calling GASP at 303.444.9799. You may also download the guide at mysmokefreehousing.org.

See full class descriptions, times and locations at www.chfainfo.com/chfareach.

Ready to register? Send your individual registration form or group registration form today to chfareachregistration@chfainfo.com!

Belinda Waldron
chfareach Coordinator
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