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  February 25, 2015

safeguard your sanity

You want to help, but you just don’t have the time that each resident demands. At “Combatting Isolation,” you will learn how the cycle of isolation in aging, vulnerable or marginalized populations can result in overuse of our services and systems. You will also learn what you can do to create boundaries that support residents’ independence.

“Combatting Isolation” will be held at CHFA’s offices at 1981 Blake Street on Wednesday, March 4, from 9:00am to Noon.

See full class descriptions, times, and locations at www.chfainfo.com/chfareach.

Ready to register? Send your individual registration form or group registration form today to chfareachregistration@chfainfo.com!

in case you could not attend “hiring and retention: best practices”

Presenter Debbie Herrera led her session with a surprising observation: “People leave managers, not companies.” In fact, a Gallup poll of more than one million employed US workers determined that a bad boss or immediate supervisor is the number one reason that workers leave their jobs.

Furthermore, the poll concluded that poorly managed work groups are on average 50 percent less productive and 44 percent less profitable than well-managed groups. With the ability to improve the performance of average employees, or even bring good employees to “great,” it pays to have a company culture that trains, evaluates and rewards excellent management. Session participants found take-away value in this quote from Bob Nelson: “An employee’s motivation is a direct result of the sum of interactions with his or her manager.”

Belinda Waldron
chfareach Coordinator
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