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  March 19, 2018
rate locks: are you reserving the right program?

CHFA has received reservations for the CHFA Advantagesm VLIP and CHFA Preferredsm VLIP Programs. Some of these reservations have been made in error.

The CHFA Advantage VLIP and CHFA Preferred VLIP Programs have the same qualifying guidelines as the CHFA Advantage and CHFA Preferred Programs except for income requirements.

VLIP stands for “Very Low Income Program. Individuals must be at or below 50 percent Area Median Income to qualify. See below for comparison examples:



Income Limit


CHFA Advantage VLIP or CHFA Preferred VLIP

(1+ Individuals)

CHFA Advantage or

CHFA Preferred

(1 to 2 Individuals)




El Paso






Click here to view all CHFA VLIP income limits.

CHFA VLIP Programs will also have lower interest rates and are only Freddie Mac® eligible. Please ensure you are selecting the right program when making a reservation.

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