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  May 22, 2018

common errors: chfa second mortgage notes and deed of trusts

CHFA receives many questions from lenders about the proper way to complete CHFA Second Mortgage Notes and Deeds of Trust.

Lenders must use the following forms for all CHFA Second Mortgages available via HomeConnectionsm and the CHFA website: An instruction page precedes each form. Please take note of the instructions provided for helpful tips to complete the form.

Additionally, the following are common errors on CHFA Second Mortgage Loan documents that delay CHFA purchasing loans:




Maturity date on the Second Mortgage Loan Note

Such maturity date on the CHFA Second Note should match the maturity date on the First Mortgage Loan Note.

Maturity date of Second Mortgage Loan Note, as referenced in the Second Deed of Trust

Such date should match the maturity date of the First Mortgage Loan Note, as referenced in the First Mortgage Loan Deed of Trust.

Public Trustee & County

Ensure the county in which the property is located is listed correctly.


Legal description on the Deed of Trust

The legal description for the subject property must match the legal description reflected on the title commitment.


Do not attach any riders to the CHFA Second Mortgage Loan Deed of Trust.

Lien Position

Ensure the title company is recording the First Deed of Trust in first position and the CHFA Second Deed of Trust in second position.

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