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June 19, 2015

more tips for using chfa’s n​​ew document delivery system

As we continue the rollout of our new Document Delivery System, we’ve identified some additional tips and reminders that will help to ensure that your files are received and reviewed as quickly as possible.
  • It is a lender’s responsibility to check their pipeline report in HomeConnection within 6 business hours of uploading documents to ensure that a loan file has been checked in for review. The loan status should have changed and should show the date the file is anticipated to be reviewed by CHFA. Specifically, the status should change:
    • From “Reserved” to “Compliance in Process,” or
    • From “Compliance Approved” to “Pre-Funding in Process.”

  • Utilizing the bulk upload feature is preferable to uploading individual documents to each condition, as it yields fewer “Invalid” documents.

  • All documents with a red asterisk are required. Additionally, income documentation is also required even though it is not explicitly called out via a red asterisk.

  • Be sure to follow the documents list when submitting files, and to submit only those documents. Submitting duplicate or extraneous documents increases CHFA’s review time and will slow down the progress of your loan.

  • For MCCs attached to a CHFA loan, do not send the MCC file prior to the first mortgage loan file. Be certain to upload loan documents to the loan file, and MCC documents to the MCC file. Uploading documents to the incorrect file will result in the loan or MCC not being checked in for review

  • Documents to address suspend conditions should not be uploaded to the Document Delivery System; they should be emailed directly to the analyst working the file.
If you have not yet completed training for the Document Delivery System, or if you could use a refresher, please visit our training page to find a date and time that works for you.

Thank you for your partnership as we work together to make CHFA’s processes more efficient and transparent.

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