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June 28, 2018

developing smart supports onsite

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Free Virtual Open House: 30-minute Subscription Service Demo, Webinar 07.09.18

Have you checked out your new chfareach benefit? Developers, Human Resource professionals, and property staff may want to know how the CSH subscription service can help you to improve staff and tenant retention, the coordination and funding of services, and the efficient use of your organization's time and money.

Surviving the First-year Lease-up, Denver 07.12.18

The first year is the most important for any tax credit property. What happens during that first-year lease-up affects the property for its entire life.

Coordinating Property Management and Resident Services, Denver 07.13.18

You may be required to have services for residents on your property. But with different metrics for success, property management and resident services can easily get siloed – perhaps even working at cross-purposes.

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