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  August 1, 2019

august 9 – project management; cross-training for office staff

Project Management: An Agile Approach, Denver │ August 9, 2019

Gain a framework and tools for focus, organization, and coordination to bring your projects to a successful conclusion.

It is easy for long-term projects to lose focus and momentum, especially when project teams involve cross-department procedures or external vendors. You need a clear path forward, good organization, and great tools. Attend this class to learn how you can keep the vision alive and sustain the group's cohesion.

Critical Maintenance Knowledge for Office Staff, Denver │ August 9, 2019

Head off major emergencies and provide needed information for timely service.

Communication and teamwork are critical to the efficient and smooth operations of any company. When it comes to property maintenance, these qualities have a big impact on good customer relations, specifically in the correct and timely completion of residents' requested service. This happens most effectively when the person taking and entering service request information understands maintenance needs.

august 16 – effective property teams

Effective Property Teams, Denver │ August 16, 2019

An interactive event that will make a profound difference in team cohesion and communication between onsite staff roles.

Appropriate for all roles on-property, as well as those overseeing them, this session will focus on generating strategies to promote communication and teamwork onsite. Through experiential exercises, participants will uncover their assumptions and attitudes while identifying ways in which their roles intersect, support, or possibly thwart one another's effectiveness.

Featuring the Onsite Professionals Certificate, a Management Certificate, and an External Relations Certificate, HPI brings interdisciplinary best practices to bear on your real world challenges. Sign up today!

Learn more about HPI.

Contact us to bring an HPI session to your location!

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