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September 24, 2019

october highlights

Tax Credit Foundations: The ABCs of LIHTC, Greeley 10.15.19

People who are new to the tax credit world can often be overwhelmed by all the information and regulations. The class is targeted to onsite staff at existing LIHTC properties or those properties that have recently been awarded tax credits.

Respectful Workplace Strategies, Webinar 10.17.19

This training will explore the elements of a respectful workplace, the negative impact of disrespect at work, and the strategies to ensure an inclusive and respectful work environment.

situational awareness and self-defense

Violence and threats of violence are an unfortunate reality for many working in housing. Boost your awareness and self-confidence in contentious situations with this three-hour session, specifically customized in recognition that housing staff often work alone or in small teams onsite.

The class is targeted toward two main themes. In the first portion, we'll discuss situational awareness, including violence prevention, mindset, thinking ahead, and interactions with others. The second portion will cover self-defense topics. We will cover avoid, evade, escape; defend and fight; improvised weapons; and, defense techniques.

Interested in further training? Search events and register from the chfareach class calendar, or check out the printable class list.

Chfareach provides resources, education, and assistance for Colorado multifamily housing. Membership in chfareach is not required to attend trainings. Please call 303.297.7497 at any time for assistance with your registration.

Belinda Waldron
chfareach Coordinator
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