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October 13, 2014
Note to subscribers: Each Monday, CHFA’s Home Finance eNews will highlight a customer story. These stories were voluntarily provided by several CHFA home mortgage customers as part of our Home Is Where My Story Startssm contest held earlier this year. The contest invited customers to share how homeownership got their story started in new and inspiring ways. We have been amazed by the wonderful and uplifting words from our customers and wanted to share them with you as well. Thank you for your partnership in serving Colorado.

escquiel chacon, aurora

“Home ownership has changed my whole view of the world. All my life, I have never felt where I lived was my home. It was a building in which I could rest my body, but my soul was never grounded to the piece of land or building. I never felt at peace mentally, it was an anguish to stay home. So as soon as I woke, I departed as quickly as possible. As a youth, my family lived like nomads, constantly moving from house to house. As adults we tend to have fond memories of our past residences, all I remember is a sign on our front door condemned or going back to one of our old houses and it being turned into a parking lot.

I raised two wonderful daughters, who have brought great joy to my life. One day my daughter calls and tells me her mother and stepsister were losing their home. At the time I was living in a 400 square foot house with room for only one person. I jokingly said that her mother and her could stand in the corner to sleep. So I have always told my daughter that nothing was impossible, and that I was going to try to purchase a home where we could all live so my ex-wife, daughter, and her stepsister. So as fate goes, I had looked at many houses and none were big enough to house a family or enough space so we would not hear our neighbor cough next door.

So one day my daughter, her sister, and ex-wife are driving around looking for a home and we turn right going on Osceola and go to the top of the hill. At the end of the street is my dream house, a vacant lot on one side, and a church on the other. So I call my realtor and lender and said can I qualify for this house? He says yes and away I go. It was a struggle the whole way. What truly saved me is that CHAFA had a class for first time homebuyers to get homeowners assistance.
It took almost six months to consummate the process. Even the closing was a struggle, receiving the paper work that night. We moved in a few days before my birthday of December 14, and then Christmas was around the corner. So our first dinner in our new home, I had my daughter say a prayer of thanks for our new home. Now I finally feel my home, is a place of rest. And my soul is bound to the land. Thank you CHAFA for making my dream come true.”

Please click here for more information about the Home Is Where My Story Startssm contest.

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