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October 20, 2014
Note to subscribers: Each Monday, CHFA’s Home Finance eNews will highlight a customer story. These stories were voluntarily provided by several CHFA home mortgage customers as part of our Home Is Where My Story Startssm contest held earlier this year. The contest invited customers to share how homeownership got their story started in new and inspiring ways. We have been amazed by the wonderful and uplifting words from our customers and wanted to share them with you as well. Thank you for your partnership in serving Colorado.

barbara ellen dean, pueblo

Homeownership Is Where My Story Starts

“An oak tree does not produce acorns until it is fifty years old. This is a good comparison to how homeownership is where my story starts, as I am now fifty-one. Homeownership has influenced my life in three ways it has given me sanctuary, stability, and the feeling I belong. I never felt more at home. A half century of subsistence filled struggling to find my place in this world I could call home. Homeownership has given me the ability to thrive because I possess the vital needs I longed for as a human being.

Home ownership has given me a sanctuary. A sanctuary is my shelter from the anxiousness I feel when I am out in the world. I love being able to express my personality in the wall hangings purchased at the thrift store. The feel of the carpet under my feet knowing I am on the way to owning this patch of land. The pride I feel in the guardianship of what is entrusted to my care. My home surrounds me in warmth, an element I would never experience without the help of the Colorado Housing and Finance Authority Program. My home is an expression of my growth.

Homeownership gives me security and stability. I have been a vagabond in my unsettled experiences of the world around me. I now have the security of possessing a physical key, a concrete function of my protection. In my life, I have slept in some of the most peculiar places, lost of the feeling of home. Running was my safety net. Homeownership has had a profound influence on my life. I spent a half-century struggling for a place in this world I could call home, using places, and relationships trying to find it. The Colorado Housing and Finance Authority helped me find safety and security in my own home, not at the expense of trading in who I am to another person’s will over me. I have the security to blossom.

Homeownership has enabled me to feel like I belong, having a place to call home. After forty years, I finally met my biological mother. I found myself at a crossroad; I had the feeling of ‘now what do I do’. I looked for answers to why she left me at the age of two and a half. Those answers in hand, and homeless at the time, people I met helped me with the process of my housing, through the Colorado Housing and Finance Authority, leading to the ownership of my own home. Homeownership influenced my life, because I have started to build healthy relationships. I recently started going to the community center involving myself in a stretching class. I also enjoy the use of a treadmill, practicing the art of walking. Relationships take time. I am growing roots, becoming a positive factor in my community. I never felt more at home.

The thought of being the guardian of this place I call home has enabled me to become aware that I can make a difference. The sanctuary, stability, and the feeling of belonging give me the safety to learn my experiences were a teaching tool toward empathy. Still unsure of my path or purpose, I do know that homeownership has laid a foundation for my growth and self-determination. My hope is to pay it forward by being a better human being. I feel so blessed to have the privilege and support the Colorado Housing and Finance Authority granted me.”

Please click here for more information about the Home Is Where My Story Startssm contest.

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