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November 3, 2014
Note to subscribers: Each Monday, CHFA’s Home Finance eNews will highlight a customer story. These stories were voluntarily provided by several CHFA home mortgage customers as part of our Home Is Where My Story Startssm contest held earlier this year. The contest invited customers to share how homeownership got their story started in new and inspiring ways. We have been amazed by the wonderful and uplifting words from our customers and wanted to share them with you as well. Thank you for your partnership in serving Colorado.

cenythia green, denver

Please accept my story below for your contest.
  • I am a 56 year young single female, 1st time homeowner

  • I was blessed in November 2011 to be able to purchase my home thru your program

  • I was diagnosed with a mental illness in 2009, I use to be a computer programmer. During 2007 thru 2009 I found myself for the first time unable to keep a job, I was unable to follow logic in website development and creation and became very despondent

  • My grandfather on my mother’s side, whom I never met, was schizophrenic

  • I became homeless and destitute, and lost my apartment and my entire household belongings to storage I was unable to pay, baby photos, my childhood photos, my entire identity

  • I developed paranoid features with my mental illness and had to seek help thru aurora mental health, in aurora Colorado. It was my therapist Lynn Norton, whom walked me thru the process of purchasing a home using your program

  • My mental illness makes me very sensitive to sound / noise, and apartment living was heightening my mental illness instability
  • Since I have become a homeowner, November f2011, I have felt so emotionally and physically safe. I feel like I matter and I belong in spite of my mental illness.

  • I have been able to allow my creative side appear to help me with my lawn care and interior design of my home

  • I have learned how to make minor repairs to my home, like plumbing kitchen pipes replaced, installing more insulation to my crawl space, caulking my windows and floor heater vents. I watch you tube videos to learn these things, and I am addicted to DIY repair and create network shows
Being a homeowner is feeling loved!! Feeling protected, feeling valued!!
Becoming a homeowner has literally saved my life. My life has been shaped to love and live and create

I do not feel punished or abandoned any more. I would never had been able to become a homeowner without my therapist and the chfa program

God bless you, and thank you very much for making this investment in me, in providing programs for low income folks to become a homeowner

No one has ever made this type of commitment to me or with me, in becoming a homeowner and I value this opportunity to be a homeowner, I will protect this investment

Love and belonging and being a part of my community is my homeowner story.

Thank you for allowing me to share my story.

Please click here for more information about the Home Is Where My Story Startssm contest.

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