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November 3, 2015

updates to chfa seller’​​​​s guide

We recently made some updates to the CHFA Seller’s Guide. Specific revisions of note include:
  • Reiteration that persons not party to the underlying mortgage loan are not permitted to take title to the subject property (see Chapter 2, Section 201.L);
  • Expansion of permissible property types for the CHFA Advantagesm, CHFA Preferredsm, and CHFA Preferred Plussm programs to include manufactured housing and properties in a leasehold or land trust (see Chapter 2, Section 202.B);
  • Clarification that for homes with wells as a water source, documentation is required to verify that the well is located within the boundaries of the subject property (see Chapter 2, Section 202.B);
  • Additional information regarding required tax returns (see Chapter 5, Section 501.B);
  • New documentation requirements to help verify acceptable interim servicing of loans prior to purchase by CHFA (see Chapter 6, Section 610.A);
  • Relocation of repurchase information from Chapter 8 to Chapter 6 (see Chapter 6, Sections 612 and 613); and
  • Addition of an early payoff policy (see Chapter 6, Section 614).

Please contact CHFA Home Finance with any questions regarding these changes.

CHFA Home Finance
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