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  November 13, 2018

take note: limited homebuyer education (hbe) classes during the holidays

It’s extremely important to refer all borrowers to a CHFA-approved homebuyer education provider early in the process, especially during the holiday season.

After December 22, 2018, there will be no in-person classes until the New Year. Additionally, there will be limited staff to complete follow up calls for borrowers taking the online option.

And speaking of online options, CHFA will not accept homebuyer education certificates directly from Framework or eHomeAmerica. Borrowers must access either through a CHFA-approved homebuyer education provider and education certificates must be issued from the applicable CHFA-approved homebuyer education provider.

The best way to ensure your borrower is attending a Framework or eHomeAmerica class through a CHFA-approved source is to have them use the links provided on our CHFA Homebuyer Education Online Class Providers web page (see image below).

For example, borrowers must go through either Colorado Housing Assistance Corporation (CHAC), HomesFund, NeighborWorks of Southern Colorado, or Southwest Improvement Council (SWIC) to utilize the online Framework option.

Click here for a list of CHFA-approved homebuyer education providers.

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