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November 24, 2014

we're cutting the red tape: prefilled documents now available!

CHFA is pleased to announce the availability of prefilled documents in HomeConnection. The following is a list of available documents:​
  • CHFA Form 305, Second Mortgage Loan Promissory Note (0% Interest)
  • CHFA Form 310, Second Mortgage Loan Deed of Trust
  • CHFA Form 220, Tax Exempt Financing Rider
  • CHFA Form 305H, HomeAccesssm Second Mortgage Loan Promissory Note
  • CHFA Form 311H, HomeAccess Second Mortgage Loan Deed of Trust
  • CHFA Form 709, HomeAccess/CHFA SectionEightsm Homeownership First Payment Letter
  • CHFA Form MCC-2, Initial Applicant and Lender Affidavit
  • CHFA Form MCC-3, Income Tax Affidavit
  • CHFA Form MCC-6, Seller Affidavit Explanation and Instructions
  • CHFA Form MCC-7, Final Applicant and Lender Affidavit and Notice of Potential Recapture Tax
The documents will have information prefilled for you including, but not limited to, borrower names, property address, and loan amount. These documents do require that you have Adobe Acrobat version 9 or newer installed on your computer to properly use them.

Please keep in mind, you will still be fully responsible for the review and accuracy of all information and you will be able to make changes to the information in the field if needed.

We are excited to make this available to our Participating Lenders and appreciate your partnership.

Please contact us with any questions.

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