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  December 5, 2019

please read: high volume: chfa program compliance reviews

CHFA is experiencing very high volume and we are reviewing files as quickly as possible. All required documents must be accepted by the Document Delivery System in HomeConnectionsm prior to a file checking in for review.

It takes time for documents to process through the Document Delivery System; it’s not an immediate process. It may take up to one hour for a single line item upload to process through the system, and longer for bulk uploads. To maximize efficiency, do not upload a duplicate or unnecessary document (submit only those documents listed on the applicable Program’s checklist).

check the status of your file

You can check the status of your file, as well as when it will be reviewed in HomeConnection. The status is to the right of the borrower’s name.
  • Reserved: The file has not been checked in for program compliance review. Go to the Document Delivery System and look for any red asterisked items that have an “Open” or “Invalid” status. Be sure to check both the First and/or Second Mortgage Loans.

  • Compliance in Process: The file has been checked in for program compliance review. Look for the review date by clicking on the “plus” icon to the left of the loan. When the First Mortgage Loan box opens, look for the “Due Date” line. This will be the date the file will be reviewed on.

  • Compliance Suspend: The file has been suspended for additional information. Find a copy of the suspend letter by clicking on the “Forms/Paper” icon to the right of the loan. Then click on the “Compliance” tab. Suspended files may add additional time to the review process.

  • Compliance Approved: The loan has been approved per CHFA requirements.
Please plan your closings accordingly as rush requests cannot be accommodated; files are reviewed in the order received. We are currently maintaining a one business day turn time. It’s important to note that the turn time begins only when a complete file has been accepted.

don't forget about homebuyer education

With the holidays approaching, it’s important to refer borrowers to a CHFA-approved homebuyer education provider. After December 21, 2019, there will be no in-person classes until the New Year. Additionally, there will be limited staff to complete follow-up calls for borrowers taking the online option.

View other document delivery tips and contact us with any questions.

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