homebuyer education

when should I take a class?

The best time to take a homebuyer education class is when you are starting to consider buying a home. Be prepared and knowledgeable by learning how to navigate the many steps in the process, including creating a budget, understanding your credit score, finding a lender, and the loan process. 

Homebuyer education is required for all CHFA borrowers. 

Please note: It is extremely important to take homebuyer education early in the process, especially during the holiday season. After December 21, 2019, there will be no in-person classes until the New Year. Additionally, be advised there will be limited staff to complete follow-up calls for borrowers taking the online option. Plan according to avoid jeopardizing your closing.
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​in-person homebuyer education class schedule online homebuyer education classes
  • ​​​​​​​​​​click her​e for in-person ​schedule​

  • ​​Free to all, not just CHFA borrowers 

  • ​​Required for all CHFA borrowers; each borrower must take the class

  • Contact an in-person education provider directly to sign up for a class​​

  • Available statewide through select education providers

  • Contact provider if language translation or ASL services are needed

  • ​​​​click her​e for online class choices

  • Each borrower must take the online class individually​

  • Generally costs $99 for the borrower and $50 for each additional coborrower using the same provider (a discount code is emailed to coborrower once borrower registers with a coborrower​)

  • Online classes require a post-class housing counseling session completed over the phone

  • Online classes (and post-class counseling) are also available in Spanish

please note

You must complete homebuyer education before closing with  a CHFA program. But beyond that, we hope you’ll join us because well-informed homebuyers become successful homeowners.​​

​Note: CHFA does not accept homebuyer education certificates issued by non–CHFA-approved homebuyer ​​education providers.

certificate of completion

After completing the homebuyer education, and post-class housing counseling session (if applicable), you’ll receive a certificate of completion from the education provider. You’ll need this certificate to close on your CHFA loan.​ For all CHFA programs, you must be under contract within 12 months from the date on the certificate.

homebuyer class resources

Below is a link to the in-person homebuyer education curriculum. Students, please print out the Participant Guide prior to your in-person homebuyer education class to get the most from your experience. Additionally, reviewing the curriculum in advance will give you a more in-depth understanding of the course material, and includes helpful appendices.

homebuyer education guide ​notice
The materials and information included in this Homebuyer Education Guide are intended for the exclusive use of the instructor, counselors, employees, and students of the CHFA-approved homebuyer education provider, and are to be used in conjunction with teaching a CHFA-authorized homebuyer education class. The approved provider agrees not to share this material with individuals and entities that have not been approved by CHFA to be homebuyer education providers.​​