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operations and financial condition

Colorado Housing and Finance Authority (CHFA) has made certain information pertaining to the operations and the financial condition of CHFA available.

The information speaks only as of its respective date, and CHFA disclaims any obligation to update this information while it is posted.

Information included in this section of the website is intended to provide investors with continuing disclosure regarding their investment in CHFA obligations, although investors should not rely on this information as a sufficient basis for making any decision to purchase or sell CHFA obligations.​

Read our municipal advisor notice​.

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If you need more details regarding any ​​information in this section, please contact:

​​Trina Nguyen​

Audited financial statements from the current year and past five years can be viewed under the links below.

All event notices as filed by Colorado Housing and Finance Authority are available on the MSRB'​s Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA).

EMMA is the official repository for information on ​virtually all municipal bonds.

Information contained in archived disclosure reports reflects facts and circumstances only as of the date originally issued. ​​​​

CHFA is represented by CSG Advisors Incorporated (“CSG”) and relies on the advice of CSG, an independent registered municipal advisor, with respect to its outstanding municipal securities, its outstanding and any new derivatives and the issuance of future municipal securities...

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