document delivery tips and tricks

Uploading CHFA Program Compliance Files

  • The best option for uploading CHFA Program Compliance files is by utilizing the single line item upload method. This will allow your documents to process through the system more efficiently and your file to check-in faster.

Submission of Suspend Conditions

  • Use the specific line item for the condition (example: when submitting an updated Underwriting Transmittal, upload it to the “Underwriting Transmittal” line in HomeConnectionsm).
  • If there is not a specific line item for the condition, then upload the document to the “Suspense Conditions not in Document Checklist” line (example: submitting letters of explanation).
  • If you do not see the “Suspense Conditions” line, check the second page of documents list in the system.

When will my suspend conditions be reviewed?

  • Suspense conditions are reviewed in the order received once all conditions have processed through the system.
  • Suspense conditions are typically reviewed within one business day of receipt depending on what time and how they are uploaded. Bulk uploads take longer for the system to process.
  • Due to volume, CHFA is unable to accommodate rush requests. Please plan accordingly.

How can I update the loan amount after CHFA approval?

  • If the loan amount is being lowered, a new CHFA approval is not required. CHFA will update the revised loan amount when the Purchase File is reviewed.
  • Although CHFA does not require reapproval for lowering loan amounts, the CHFA Second Mortgage Note and Deed of Trust will need to be corrected by utilizing the applicable fillable CHFA document. Be sure to click in the PDF form field that needs to be revised and edit accordingly.
  • If the CHFA DPA Award Letter needs to be updated, as well as a new approval letter, then an updated Underwriting Transmittal and AUS findings will need to be submitted through HomeConnection.
    • The status in the system will have changed to “Purchase.” You must go to page two of documents and upload the documents to the “Suspense Conditions” line.
    • After uploading the updated documents, email the CHFA Loan Analyst listed on the Approval Letter to request an updated approval with the new loan amount.
  • As a reminder, CHFA relies on its participating lenders to ensure compliance with TRID and all other applicable legal and regulatory requirements relating to disclosures, including in connection with any changes to DPA and/or loans amounts.

Down Payment Assistance Overages

  • CHFA does allow principal reductions for overages of down payment assistance and does not have an overlay capping the amount of such principal reduction, provided any such reduction is permitted by the insurer, guarantor, Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, as applicable.

Required Documents

  • Documents with a red asterisk (*) are required for both the CHFA First and CHFA Second Mortgage files to check-in for review.
  • Some documents may not be required for a file to check-in, however they may be necessary to perform the review given a specific property type or borrower’s circumstance. Examples:
    • CHFA will need income documentation for all borrowers on the loan.
    • Lender Income Calculation worksheet on CHFA Conventional Loans.
    • Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) certificates must be submitted for Program Compliance Review on all CHFA Preferredsm loans with an LTV over 80%.

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