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 grow your business with chfa's home loan programs

CHFA is Colorado’s established and trusted partner for affordable homeownership.

Since 1974, we have been helping Colorado lenders and real estate agents across the state reach more customers with our competitive home mortgage programs. 
Our fixed-rate loans, CHFA Down Payment Assistance (DPA) Grant and CHFA DPA Second Mortgages for down payment assistance and/or closing cost assistance, and homebuyer education will give your borrowers the confidence to pursue homeownership.​​

Check out our program portfolio and find out how our CHFA Down Payment Assistance Grant and CHFA DPA Second Mortgages can help your customers save money up-front and throughout the life of the loan.

​Stay informed about CHFA programs, guideline updates, trainings, and CHFA events.
CHFA-approved lenders must attend CHFA certification training to offer CHFA loans, mortgage credit certificates, and borrower premiums. 

CHFA DORA-approved real estate professional training classes are offered free of charge and completion qualifies for continuing education credit.​

​Learn more about becoming a CHFA Participating Lender. Let us help you grow your business and set yourself apart from the competition.

Certain geographical areas of the state are federally designated as a "targeted area." 

These targeted areas may include entire counties or certain census tracts within a county.

Get your cobranded marketing flyers, CHFA Participating Lender badges, and email templates here! 

 CHFA RISC is no longer required. 

Get the information you ne​ed to process CHFA loans, pay history a​​nd payoff requests, as well as applicable forms.​​​

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